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How To Maintain Water Pump

How To Maintain Water Pump?

How to maintain water pumps is a question the team get asked a-lot. The answer depends on a few aspects relating to your pump, some of which include the environment and type of your pump.

We recommend regular water pump maintenance by a qualified pump specialist to ensure that you are running your pumps efficiently and keeping major issues at bay, during our maintenance check we will provide you with a report that will recommend any parts that need to be replaced and any feedback regarding how you can maintain the pump’s in between your professional maintenance schedule.

Check out Major V’s Minor Water Pump Maintenance to see what is included in a minor/major service.

Our team will access your pump and location to create a maintenance schedule that will suit your water pump needs.

What If We Do Not Currently Have A Maintenance Schedule?

If you are not currently having your water pumps maintained and notice any of the listed below you may want to contact your local pump supplier as you may have some pump issues:

  • Vibrations or excessive noise from your pump.
  • Flashing lights on your pump panel.
  • Flooding.
Why Choose Pump Tech For Your Pump Maintenance?
  • We have over 20 years experience in the pump industry, meaning we have seen it all! We have worked on most major brands and are trouble shooting experts.
  • We are a family run business – we care about our clients and their results!
  • We offer end-to-end services (Installation, Repair, Maintenance and Sales)
  • We offer 24/7 repairs
  • We offer sub contracting to electricians ad plumbers
  • We also offer pit cleaning within our services so you only need to liase with one team for all your pump needs


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