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Does “Flushable” mean “Flushable”?

Trials have begun by Queensland Urban Utilities to help create Australia’s first National Standard for products labelled ‘flushable’.

Queensland Urban Utilities spokesperson Michelle Cull advised that scientists were using a one-of-a-kind facility to show how wipes break down in the sewer network.

“Wipes don’t disintegrate quickly like toilet paper & can cause blockages not only in your household plumbing but our sewer network” she said.

Michelle then advised that before a new standard with clearer labelling to give consumers confidence that they are only flushing products which will break down after they’re flushed.

“Until then, the best advice is to only flush the 3 P’s- pee, poo & (toilet) paper”.

We then spoke with Director of Pump Tech Services Rhys Roberts who issued us with the below image of the damage these products can cause.
Rhys then advised “These ‘flushable’ wipes do not break down, pumps are not designed to cut these products which then end up getting caught in pipework resulting in major blockages”. “Do not use them”.